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Variable Word Length

Animated example of encryption processAnimated example of encryption process

Real-time Cyber Security Solution

Kloch’s patented VWL encryption adjusts encryption word lengths every 1 to 30 seconds, creating over 10^512 potential states for unparalleled security. This system is implemented within an FPGA chip and operates at the binary level, adding an extra layer of protection.

Its dynamic and complex nature makes VWL 8.636 x 10^434 times more potent than the AES-256 standard. Additionally, Variable Word Length encryption is theoretically resistant to quantum decryption methods.


We are at the forefront of innovation in the critical infrastructure sector, forging transformative partnerships with key players in electric power, nuclear energy, oil & gas, and other industries pivotal to economic advancement. Our technology stands out for its unparalleled versatility, offering seamless compatibility with any operating system, device, and network. This adaptability positions our solution as the most comprehensive and flexible option available in the market today.


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Oil & Gas

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Hardware-driven encryption featuring a variable word length system with more than 10^512 combination possibilities


Complete encryption and networking of all OT systems and protocols within a rapid timeframe of less than 0.07 milliseconds


A groundbreaking, patented key management system that securely operates without transmitting any key data

Tech Overview

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Real-Time Performance

Kloch delivers encryption and networking for Ethernet protocols in under 0.07 milliseconds, ensuring your system operates without any delays. Our technology guarantees efficiency without ever becoming a bottleneck.


Advanced Key Management

Our patented key management system enhances security without transmitting key generation data, transcending traditional synchronization limitations and offering a more secure encryption.

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Hardware-Based Innovation

Kloch's technology is rooted in hardware, making it compatible with any operating system and simplifying the update process. Our approach minimizes the typical challenges associated with system upgrades.


Dynamic Encryption

With Kloch's patented Variable Word Length Encryption, security is dynamic and robust, operating at the binary level with over 10^512 possible combinations. This adaptability ensures superior protection.


Energy Efficiency

Our encryption method is not only powerful but also designed with energy efficiency in mind, minimizing energy consumption and thermal output - enhancing system performance and cost savings.

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Compatibility Across Devices

Kloch is universally compatible, designed to secure any device that supports the TCP/IP protocol. From Legacy Controls and HMI’s to DCS, RTU, and Network Switches, Kloch provides comprehensive protection.

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Kloch and AP4 Group Partnership

AP4 Group stands as the leading supplier of critical aftermarket services in the power and energy domains. It has established itself as the exclusive distributor for Kloch's advanced technologies across the Power, Oil and Gas, and Aviation fields, underscoring a unique partnership and dedication to innovation in these crucial areas.

Lightning Fast Encryption that greatly Exceeds U.S. Energy Sector and Military Requirements


Our innovative, patented encryption technology and advanced key management system redefine data security and networking. This state-of-the-art solution offers our partners unparalleled peace of mind, equipping them to meet contemporary challenges head-on and guaranteeing the integrity of communication and data throughout their extensive networks.

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Leveraging our advanced encryption technology, whether you're in the business of creating, selling, supporting, or manufacturing hardware and software, our solution seamlessly integrates to enhance value, bolster security, and instill confidence in your customers.

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We like to keep our customers hidden like our encryption does your data.

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Our non-algebraic encryption approach operates at the binary level, continuously evolves, and is housed in dedicated hardware units, effectively removing back doors and user error. We stand by our technology's legitimacy and are eager to demonstrate its real-time functionality