Critical Infrastructure

Defending the Grid: Your Trusted Security Ally

At Kloch, we are dedicated to fortifying the security and stability of data communication across IT and OT networks. Our versatile technology seamlessly integrates with any operating system and device, bridging the gap between legacy systems and cutting-edge innovations. We provide an added layer of quantum-resistant encryption,ensuring robust protection. Our commitment is to be more than just a service provider; we aim to be the ideal security partner for your business, adapting to your unique needs and challenges.

USA satalite view

Protecting the U.S. Power Grid

Kloch prevents Rogue Hackers and Nation States from causing regional / national blackouts. This is accomplished by encrypting real-time / supervisory IEC 61850 protocols. We stop attacks designed to damage equipment and  disrupt operations.

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Our non-algebraic encryption approach operates at the binary level, continuously evolves, and is housed in dedicated hardware units, effectively removing back doors and user error. We stand by our technology's legitimacy and are eager to demonstrate its real-time functionality