Telecom Data Protection

Kloch can protect the telecom industry by enhancing the security and confidentiality of sensitive data transmitted over communication networks. 

As a telecom company, you handle a lot of sensitive data such as personal customer details, payment history, and network usage. This data needs to be protected from hackers, cyberattacks, identity fraud, and other risks that could harm your image and income. Kloch’s Hardware Encryption keeps this data safe.

Kloch makes it easy for you to comply with the new cybersecurity rules issued by President Biden on May 12, 2021. These rules require service providers to share information about cyber incidents and threats that could affect government networks. Let Kloch eliminate the incidents.

Cell Tower

Why Kloch

Your trusted security partner with the goal of providing resiliency, support and real solutions to all partners.

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Our encryption method is non-algebraic, happens on the binary level, is ever-changing, and lives on stand-alone hardware units to eliminate backdoors and user error. Our numbers are legitimate and we would like to show you this tech working in real-time.